About Me

Hello! My name is Amy and welcome to my new blog devoted to healthy recipes where everything is 100% vegan. I decided to call this place Hello Vegan because being a plant-based eater is a lifestyle and flavor that I’m becoming acquainted with (and loving!) My husband is a carnivore and makes the most incredible steaks, and raw fish is my kryptonite…so if it weren’t for those two things I could definitely be one of those cool people that are 100% vegan. But alas, I’m not there quite yet..

My goal is to show you that transitioning to a plant-based whole foods diet is easier than it may seem, and small steps are so important. Inspired by the documentary “Forks Over Knives” I instantly adjusted my diet for the weekdays but on the weekends I ate what I normally did. I’ve been making it a goal for myself to phase out one meat meal a week and try out a new plant-based recipe each week. I only eat meat one to two times a week now and that change alone has made me feel more energized, happier, and I’ve lost a little weight to boot!

I live in a small hodunky town, so all my recipes will be pretty simple and straightforward. I don’t really have access to trendy super health ingredients all the time, like dragonfruit and kombucha yadda yadda yadda. Being plant-based in a small town is totally possible, and if anything it forces you to stay in the kitchen and know what’s actually in your food.

I hope you enjoy your stay here. The blog is just beginning and with a lot of onset traffic I wasn’t expecting, there will be some major changes coming soon!

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